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Emily Talks Season 4 and Felicity’s Future!

Season 4 doesn’t begin filming until later this summer, which means for now, the cast don’t know what’s coming next, but when I spoke to Emily Bett Rickards at the Upfronts in New York last month, she had a few amusing thoughts on where Arrow left the characters. We spoke about where Oliver and Felicity might be going, the struggle to keep a couple strong on a TV show once you move from “will they or won’t they?” into “they’re together” and whether Felicity’s use of the Atom suit in the finale could lead to something more in terms of an alter ego for her character.

IGN: I guess that’s it. Oliver and Felicity are just going to take off. Maybe they’ll send a postcard every once in a while?

Rickards: Maybe! Maybe they’ll send it back to Thea and she’ll rip it and be like, “I’m too busy for this.” Then she’ll throw it up in the air as confetti in the Foundry, which will be new because there is no Foundry any more. So we don’t know where her lair is going to be.


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