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Arrow: 3×03 “Corto Maltese” Promo!

Arrow: 3×05 “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak” Synopsis!

When a cyber attack brings Starling City to its knees, Oliver and Felicity are pushed to their limits to contain the destruction.

Life gets even more complicated for Felicity when her mother, Donna, stops by for a surprise visit. Meanwhile, Ted Grant questions Laurel’s motives, and Thea buys an apartment with Malcolm’s “estate” money, which infuriates Oliver.

Arrow 3×01 The Calm Captures!

I have added over 300 HD captures of Emily from tonight’s season premiere of Arrow 3×01 The Calm in to the gallery.

Arrow 3×02 Sara Extended Promo!

TV Guide: Marc Guggenheim On Olicity’s Future

Everything’s changing on Arrow this year. Team Arrow has gained a few more members and allies, but Oliver (Stephen Amell) has also lost all his family (and his fortune). But with nothing left to lose, Oliver will finally make a play for Felicity’s (Emily Bett Rickards) heart. However, the mysterious new head of Queen Consolidated Ray Palmer (which just so happens to be the real-world alias of the superhero The Atom) isn’t going to make things easy for him.

Check out everything executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed about Oliver and Felicity’s relationship, what Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) really wants and whether we’ll see Laurel (Katie Cassidy) become the Black Canary anytime soon.

Now that he’s lost his company and his family, what’s become of Oliver’s non-Arrow persona?

Marc Guggenheim: That’s really the thing that Oliver is struggling with at the start of the third season. He’s lost his mother. Thea’s (Willa Holland) left town. He’s lost his home. He’s lost his company. I think Oliver is sort of questioning, “What is life like for Oliver Queen? Is there even an Oliver Queen?” That’s the thing that he’s wrestling with and he’s trying to locate that part of his identity in his relationship with Felicity.

What can you say about Oliver and Felicity’s first date?
Guggenheim: They go for Italian. I believe he orders a scotch. Felicity wears a very beautiful dress. What else can I reveal? Oliver’s going to tell Felicity something he’s never told her before.

They also have their first kiss!
Guggenheim: I think people will be surprised by the circumstances under which they have their first kiss because that’s basically how we do things onArrow. But I think the circumstances make the kiss so much more emotional than it otherwise would be.

Now that Oliver is pursuing a relationship with Felicity, are things really over between him and Laurel?
Guggenheim: I think ever since the beginning of Season 2 when Oliver and Laurel had their conversation about Tommy’s death and Oliver being away for those five months after Tommy’s death. I think Oliver and Laurel are sort of in a really good post-relationship place. That’s not to say they’ll never get back together again. We never say never on Arrow. But I think Season 3 shows that their relationship sort of evolves. I think some of the scenes we’ve had in Season 3 between Stephen and Katie Cassidy are actually among the closest Oliver and Laurel have had since Season 1.

How does the fact that she knows his secret change things?
Guggenheim: That’s really the fun thing for us. We now get to have scenes between Oliver and Laurel that we never got to have on the show now that she’s in the circle of trust. And I think what it’s done is it’s really deepened their relationship because now they can really be truthful with each other about what’s going on in their lives. That said, Laurel is going to keep a secret from Oliver because that’s our show. Our characters keep secrets from each other.

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Arrow 3×01 The Calm Clip!

Arrow Season 3 Promo: “Some Things Never Die”

Emily on Oliver & Felicity’s Big Moment!

Arrow 2×23 Unthinkable Captures!

I have added over 100 HD captures of Emily from tonight’s episode of Arrow in the gallery.

Arrow 2×22 Streets of Fire Captures!

I have added over 100 HD captures of Emily from tonight’s episode of Arrow in the gallery.

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