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Next On Arrow – 2×11 “Blind Spot”

Arrow: 2×10 “Blast Radius” ScreenCaptures

I have added 264 HD screencaptures to the gallery from the latest episode of Arrow.

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Emily Bett Rickards Talks Felicity’s Past and Future!

Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicity in The CW’s Arrow, has rapidly become a fan favorite and her character continues to make us fall in love with her each episode.

With new episodes of the series returning on January 15th, Rickards recently took some time to answer a few questions at the Warner Bros Mondo press tour, about what’s coming up in the show and more specifically for Felicity.

On how familiar she was with the Arrow universe

“I wasn’t extremely — I mean, I grew up with “Batman” and all those things, but it’s just now that I’m realizing — or just last year that I’m realizing how in-depth and detailed and how the stories have gone on forever. And it just blows my mind.” She continued, “And I’m so grateful that I was welcomed into this world because I wouldn’t have had a chance to sort of fall in love with it, I don’t think. And I have a lot of comics now.”

On what’s coming up in the show

“Lot more action, some crazy stunts I’ve been hearing about, just crazy stunts, people getting — not hurt, but almost hurt on set. And really, really intricate choreography for that. So we got that. We have some new characters and villains coming in, some taste testers of some other DC characters that will be awesome, I think a lot of people will like, and different characters crossing paths, which I think is needed. And we follow a story in “Arrow,” and we get to see an ensemble of characters, but not all those characters have met. So it will be really fun, and it is really fun to have those characters sort of cross paths and those stories get created.”


Arrow: Season 2 ScreenCaptures

The gallery is caught up with over 2,000+ screencaptures from Season 2 of Arrow.

– TV Shows > Arrow (2012) > Season 2 > Screencaptures

Arrow Season One Captures!

I have added Emily Bett Rickards appearances in seaon 1 of Arrow in to the gallery.

Arrow Extended Promo & Promo With Emily Bett Rickards!

The next episode of Arrow, ‘Blast Radius’ doesn’t air until January 15th. Also there is a extra promo with Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicity as she answers some viewers questions about her and the show.


Emily Bett Rickards talks Felicity on ‘DC All Access’!

Unless you want to see more footage of people talking about comic books, skip straight to the Rickards interview is perfectly acceptable. The “Arrow” star first shows up at around the 1:45 mark and talks through to 3:15. Rickards comes back briefly at the very end of the video for some truly amazing freestyle rapping.


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